Financial Planning

People don't need a financial plan.  Instead they need financial planning!  What is the difference, you may ask?  Well, first it includes enough TIME to get to know you as a person and your family's story. It involves a PROCESS of helping you get organized, establishing clear objectives, and walking with you through the job of implementation needed to achieve those goals.  Lastly, it includes a LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP where we monitor progress and help you whenever you have issues that are bound to come up in the future.

Newlywed Coaching

If people worked on their marriage as much as they worked on their careers there would be a lot less divorce.   Money issues are one of the leading causes of marital conflict.  I believe getting on the same page financially is an important key for a happy and contented marriage.

This program exists because I saw first hand how my wife and I didn't have the same financial conflict that many of our peers had.  I attribute a lot of it to being on the same page financially from the beginning.  We didn't agree on everything, (still don't!) but we had already talked about most of the issues that would come up from time to time.  That was huge in respecting each other and leading to cooler heads prevailing.

In three sessions I take a couple through a process of creating a strong financial foundation for their marriage.  Perfect for those just getting engaged, newlyweds, or for those couples who feel like they need to improve in this area.  Can also be a great wedding gift!

Social Security Planning

When to take Social Security is more complicated than it sounds.  Many variables should be considered but oftentimes a quick decision is made based on not much more than a guess.  Especially if you are married, this decision should not be taken lightly.  

Your health, whether you will continue to work, your spouse's age and health, other retirement assets you have, and when your spouse plans to file for benefits, are only a sample of the things that may depend on the ideal time to take Social Security benefits.  Every family's situation is unique.  It really is a holistic financial decision.  It is also a decision that you cannot take back.  

A Social Security analysis can comfort you in knowing that you have considered the key factors before making this important decision. 


Whether at a teaching conference, staff professional development, or a one-day workshop, I aim to provide value to my audience with knowledge and actions that they can implement in their finances right away.  See my speaking page for more info.

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