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As a teacher your financial situation is not the same as everyone else's -- there are distinct differences that should be considered.   This website is for teachers like you!   

As a teacher myself I know the challenges you face and the uniqueness of an educator's finances.  Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities that your profession allows you?  Are you making some common mistakes?  I created these resources to help you gain the freedom and contentment that comes with having a strong financial foundation.

You make an impact on the lives of children each day.  Thanks for changing the world!  Let Teacher Wealth make an impact on your life and your finances.  Check out what we have to offer.  

On this site, the content is specifically focused on public school teachers in the state of Iowa.  But if you are from another state, a private school educator, or a non-teacher who just wants to improve your finances, there is plenty of information here that can help you as well.  My hope is that you will get the information you need to feel more confident about your financial decisions.


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Most teachers in Iowa are members of the Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System (IPERS).  This is an awesome benefit to have in a time when traditional pensions are becoming more rare.  Understanding the basics of IPERS is crucial to maximizing retirement.


Saving can be difficult; most struggle with this task.  We all know the importance of saving, but how do we become successful at it?  There are things you can do to make saving money easier.


Similar to a 401(k) but different.  Sometimes is referred to as a TSA.  Many teachers have this retirement savings plan as an option with their school districts.  Contributions can be made directly from your paycheck.  Should you utilize this type of savings tool?  How do you start one?  


Can be the key to reaching your financial goals but something that many have struggled with over time. How can you budget successfully?  Is it even worth having a budget?  


Everyone would benefit understanding the basics of investing, not just teachers.  The challenge with many teachers is that they also have a pension plan like IPERS.  Because of this, teachers and their spouses may need to invest their assets differently.

Employee benefits

Generally, teachers may not have the income growth potential of other professions.  But teachers' benefits are oftentimes pretty valuable.  Are you taking advantage of all that is offered?

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
— Henry Brooks Adams


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